Monday, June 25, 2007

Plans Are Falling Into Place

We've decided to hire professional movers to take our junk to Seattle. We got quotes from two companies and decided to go with United Van Lines. The cost is a little higher than I expected, but still cheaper than renting a Penske truck ourselves, with the gas prices that they are today. Plus, using movers gives everyone in my family peace of mind. My Dad will no longer be forced to drive a rental truck across the country. And Robb and I don't have to worry about how I would've moved all of our heavy belongings from the second story apartment into the truck since he will already be in Washington by the time I leave Florida. So I'm really excited about our decision. And a little scared because now I have to fax the contract which makes everything more real.

So the plan is for the movers to come on Wednesday, July 25 and pack up my apartment. And by pack up, I mean that they will take all the boxes and furniture to the truck. I will have to pack all the boxes myself before they arrive. Then I will have Thursday to clean the apartment. And I will turn in my key Friday morning and take the cats to my parents' house in Tampa. I will spend the weekend there to get in some quality time with my Mom and last-minute good-byes with the extended family. And early in the next week Dad, the kitties, and I will be on our way!

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Dawn said...

OMG! Driving across the country with two cats! That in and of itself will be an adventure :)