Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend in Virginia/Maryland

Since I am still unemployed, I was able to take a long weekend to go to my friend Christine's wedding in Virginia. To save money (and because he's not the biggest fan of weddings or flying) Robb stayed in Seattle this weekend and worked on the apartment; we are now officially done unpacking. Flying out of Seattle early Thursday morning was beautiful. It's the first time I've flown in the area and as we came out of the morning fog we were hit with spectacular views of the mountains including Mount Rainer and several other snow capped peaks. And when I eventually made it to Reagan National Airport (after many delays and missed connections due to bad weather) at 11:30 at night I saw the Capitol building and Washington Monument lit by spotlights.

I spent the weekend with my sister and her boyfriend in Gaithersburg, Maryland. She is going to start an incredible new job at the Pentagon in a week, so she was in desperate need of professional clothes. I helped her pick out some amazing pieces and a beautiful suit on Friday. That evening Christine invited to me to join her and the bridesmaids at her beautifully renovated condo. I spent a couple of hours catching up with my college friends. On Saturday I met my good friend Michelle for lunch (at a vegetarian restaurant where I ate, and enjoyed, soy protein for the first time) and then joined Christine and the girls at the mall while they were getting their make-up finished. They were so nice to include me in the entire day, even though I wasn't a bridesmaid. So I helped transport them from place to place, took some lovely pictures, and then watched the beautiful wedding ceremony and observed a very happy couple at the gorgeous reception.

On Sunday I didn't have to catch my flight until the evening, so my sis, her boyfriend, and I spent the morning eating breakfast, playing Wii, and Scattergories. In the afternoon we headed to the Gaitherburg Festival (which was a lot better than Federal Way's Festival Days) and saw Sister Hazel play.

Now that I'm back in Washington State, I'm going to concentrate again on applying for jobs. Last week I had an interview for a Project Coordinator with a local nonprofit, which I think went fairly well. I should hear back next week from them. And I have an interview lined up for this upcoming Friday for a Management Analyst for the state of Washington. So, slowly but surely, I'm starting to have hope that I will be employed before October.

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