Monday, January 14, 2008

Driver Licenses

Wow, to get a drivers license in Washington is quite the hassle. Even though you're supposed to get a license within 30 days of moving, Robb and I have been avoiding it. Mostly because it's expensive: $45 for a first time license in the state! And since we were unemployed, it wasn't really something that we wanted to use our precious little resources for. But, because I'm a state employee, I needed to have a state drivers license and it was time to stop avoiding it.

It took me several days to get to the DOL (it's called the Department of Licensing here, not the DMV). I planned on going during a break at work because there's an office right across the street from my building. It took me several days to get there because one day I forgot my checkbook, one day I forgot my lease for proof of residency, and one day I actually forgot my wallet that had my current proof of identity in it. I finally made it to the DOL with everything (I thought) I needed: my Florida license, my Social Security card, my checkbook, and my rental agreement. When I finally got to the counter, I discovered not only was my FL id and SS card not enough to prove my identity, but also discovered that a lease is not proof of residency. Mmmh'ok. I just pay that much for rent in Washington because I think it's fun; I don't actually live here.

I was provided a list of those items that would count, most of which I do not have. So the next time I went into the DOL, I ended up bringing in my FL id, my SS card, my work ID, proof of auto insurance, and a letter from the state saying I was employed by them. Thankfully these items were accepted and I was given my drivers license. (By the way, I was very shocked when they asked me my weight. In FL they don't do that because weight fluctuates so much. So that's kind of a bummer to have my weight on my ID again.) Luckily, that day it only took me about 15 minutes to get in and out of the DOL. Poor Robb, on the other hand, went to the Federal Way DOL on the same day and was there for two hours!

And in WA they give you temporary licenses at the DOL. Your actual license doesn't come to you in the mail for 5-10 days. (In FL they just print the whole thing up and laminate it while you wait.) Incredibly though, it only took about 3 days to get them in the mail. Our next step in becoming real Washingtonians is changing our registration/license plates from Florida to here. It may take a couple of months, but it will definitely be done soon because they expire in March. Can you believe that I've already been here for 5 months?

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Anonymous said...

For a second there it almost sounded like you were missing Florida! : )