Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hurricane Ridge

After spending our morning kayaking on the water, we headed up to Hurricane Ridge. Hurricane Ridge is one of the high points of Olympic National Park. We planned on doing a short hike, but quickly discovered that the trails were covered with snow! So we just walked around in the snow for a little bit and took pictures of the views. While it was little hazy, you could still see the outlines of the valley and Port Angeles, the Straights of Juan De Fuca, and Canada if you looked really hard. My Mom was pretty excited to see snow; it had been about 6 years since she last spotted the white stuff. And it was just really cool that earlier that day it was warm enough for us to kayak and that afternoon we were in a totally different location, only 20 miles away, that required sweatshirts. After the Hurricane Ridge, our exploration of Western Washington came to an end. Four totally different locations in only two days was an interesting experience. I mean, where else but Washington can you go to the Pacific Ocean, the rainforest, a bay that if crossed would take you to Canada, and a mountain ridge in only 2 days. And that's only part of Washington, if we would've taken one more day, I could've shown Mom the desert and flatlands of Eastern Washington. This just, again, solidified why Robb and I decided to move here and why we love it.

Notice the blue water behind me in the background that hits the sky; on the other side of that water is Canada!

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