Sunday, June 14, 2009

Seattle Bathhouse

Wow, I'm behind. If my mother tells me that I need to blog more, that shows I need to keep more on top of this blogging commitment. Let's get started on catching up. So Robb has a list of 30 things to do before he turns 30 in October. (So do I, but my list has a few years to get to. Therefore, we haven't really focused on getting through my list yet.) On his list was to see a play in the Seattle Public Theater at the Bathhouse. After some research we decided to attend the play A Wedding Story on a Thursday night.
Robb had the day off so he took the bus to Seattle and spent the day having Seattle fun without me. After work I picked him up in downtown Seattle that evening and we headed to Greenlake. Apparently some people swim in Greenlake (although I don't know why. The warnings about and copious evidence of geese droppings were disgusting.) But Greenlake has a lot more going for it then swimmers with questionable tastes in hygiene. There are paths all around the lake for runners and walkers. There are crew teams practicing their rowing. And there are plenty of places to sit and reflect.
The Bathhouse was built in the 1920s next to the concrete steps into the water. It has since been converted into a very small public theater. (I'm guessing maybe a 100 people would fit in there.) The venue was small and uncrowded on a weekday evening. The play we saw was really good. The small cast were incredible and onstage for the entire 1.5 hours without a break. It's hard to describe the play's plot, but themes included descent into Alzheimers, losing a spouse to the disease, parents and children's relationships, lesbian love, Casablanca (the movie). A funny, beautiful and moving show.
After the play we headed to Burgermaster. When Robb first got to Seattle he had visited Burgermaster a couple of times, but I had never been. It's a local small chain that is a drive-in, eat in your car, type of joint. A recent Seattle Metropolitan magazine had included Burgermaster in their top places to get a burger this year. I had a really awesome double-cheeseburger.
It was a really fun date night. Robb and I don't go to the "theater" very much, but it was really fun to do something different, especially on a work night!

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