Monday, January 18, 2010

Oregon in October - Friday

Robb turned 30 in October. We decided to celebrate by taking a long weekend to visit Oregon. We spent Friday and Saturday in Portland and on Sunday we made our way to Cannon Beach and Astoria.

As soon as we got to Portland we headed straight for the Rogue Distillery and Public House. Rogue Brewery makes Robb's favorite beer - Rogue Dead Guy Ale. The actual brewery, while in Oregon, is no where near Portland. But the distillery, where they make three liquors, is in Portland. We first ate yummy lunch (think bar and grill food, with a twist - most food is made with some of their many beers.) Then we took a tour of the distillery. I really learned a lot about how liquor is made. And, I just love how they make their gin! Gin is made using spruce needles. Well, you might wonder how this small distillery collects their spruce needles. Apparently they engage the use of a local boy scout troop to collect spruce needles. Rogue gets their spruce needles for free and the boy scouts get their foraging badge. I think there's something so poetic about using boy scouts to make alcohol.

After Rogue, we decided to walk around the Pearl District, meander in and out of stores, and then go through Powell's Books. If you're a book-lover, you may have heard of this book store. It may just be one of the biggest bookstores in the world and includes new and used books. You could spend hours in there, and it is absolutely, positively, overwhelming. We then stopped at Deschutes Brewery to try a flight of beers. Finally we made our way to Nob Hill, which is another cute little shopping/walking district and where our hotel was. We checked into the hotel and walked around Nob Hill. We stopped for dinner at a bland burrito place and then found ourselves in a McMennimans. This is a local brewery/chain, and this bar happened to have a billiards table. Robb and I don't really play billiards, but we had a lot of fun trying!

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