Tuesday, February 23, 2010


On December 30th we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. The day was lovely and we both took the day off to do something fun. We decided to visit the U District in Seattle. This is where the University of Washington is based and we hadn't really investigated this neighborhood yet.

Awhile back Robb got me a really cool deck of cards that had Seattle walking tours on them. Each card has a different suggested walking tour of a neighborhood, places to see, restaurants to stop in, and unique shopping experiences. I really like these walking tour cards because it gives you a starting point to exploring a new neighborhood, which as you know, Robb and I love to do.We took these cards to walk through the University District and take a short tour of the University's campus. The campus was lovely - and the library, both inside and out, was phenomenal. We'll be going back to the U District soon to check out the Burke Museum and walk through some of the gardens while in bloom.
We ate an early dinner at a pupuseria (El Salvadorean food, which we've tried before and really enjoy) and then headed out of town. We wanted to catch Avatar in 3D, but tickets were sold out and we didn't manage to get to the movie until several weeks later.
We planned on spending quite a bit of money in Hawaii only a few weeks after our anniversary. So with that in mind, our 4th anniversary was low key, but fun. And like always, we enjoyed exploring a new part of Seattle.

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