Saturday, October 30, 2010

World Championship of Sand Sculpting in Federal Way

You don't get to go to a world championship competition in your own town very often. This year Federal Way hosted the World Championship of Sand Sculpting for the first time. It was supposed to bring tourism and prestige to our strip-mall town. Federal Way has an inordinate amount of strip malls that are half-empty and that's really what our city is known for. And that's exactly where they decided to put the World Championship of Sand Sculpting - in the parking lot of an abandoned shopping center, not even off the main drag. The location left much to be desired and I think a lot of locals didn't even know it was there. I know that the city didn't break even this year, but I hear they're going to try again next year in a better location and with better publicity. With that being said, the sand sculptures were incredible. We were so glad that we saw such beautiful and fanciful works of art; it made us sad to know that they wouldn't last!

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