Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Alki Beach

So last weekend Robb and I finally made it to Alki Beach, yet another area in Seattle we hadn't visited yet. We actually ended up there because I needed to attend a summer picnic for the political organization I'm a part of. The picnic was okay, a little dull, but I enjoyed talking to a few people and just being outside on very hot day (I'd guess mid-80s. Robb and I both got sunburned.) Robb, who's not a big political fan, was a real trooper in joining me and a bunch of dorky politicos. After the picnic, we walked along the beach to check it out. Most of it was rocky and the tide makes the waves juts up against the beach wall. However, there were a couple of spots that had more sand-like substance in them (still nothing like Florida sand.) It was also neat to see this pillar/monument claiming that it was at Alki Beach where the founders of Seattle landed. So we saw the official birthplace of Seattle. And just over the bend, you could see the Space Needle sticking out. I think the Space Needle is really interesting; it seems that every neighborhood offers a completely different view of the Needle. When you're right downtown, it seems fairly small and unimpressive compared to the skyscrapers. But in other locations it looks tall and majestic. I just think it's fascinating. It might be interesting to do a photo montage one day of all the different views of the Space Needle. (And I suppose I need to pay the exorbitant amount of money they're asking to one day visit the top.)

After walking along the beach, we headed to a different part of the Alki Beach neighborhood to walk around another street-fair. Seattle is big on the street fairs in the summer. I think it's awesome that there's so much going on, and in different neighborhoods each weekend. This fair was significantly smaller than the last one. But it still was really nice and we were able to see the Alki area from a different view. (Oh, and checkout the cool flowers we saw.)

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