Sunday, August 10, 2008

Single-Family Dwelling Unit

Wasn't it just the other day that my apartment smelled like cardboard and I was stressing out about getting everything packed in time? Well, we're moving again, but this time instead of moving 3000 miles, our destination is only 1.5 miles away. At the end of August we're moving into a house! (Nope, not buying, just renting.) We're beyond thrilled to get away from the noise that comes with apartment living and have plenty of space to feel like grown-ups.
House specifics:
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Kitchen with lots of storage
  • Living room with gas fireplace
  • Huge family room that was converted from a garage
  • Gigantic yard (with a landlord who mows it for us!)
  • Fantastic and safe neighborhood
  • Only 0.3 miles to Robb's work
This time, because the move is less than 2 miles away, we'll be renting a truck and doing it ourselves. Robb has started collecting boxes and bringing them home from work We're also hoping that we have a week or two before we move the big stuff over, to start taking a few carloads over each evening so the day of moving stress will be lessened. We're hoping this is our last move for awhile. The plan is, no more moving until we can buy a house of our own in a 4-5 years.

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