Saturday, July 3, 2010

Capitol Hill, Columbia City, and Georgetown

So because I'm so behind on my blog, I use my husband's blog to remind me of what to post about next. I can read his and remember what we did and when we did it. Then I can write my version of the day and post my favorite pictures on my blog. It works pretty well. Until he forgets something, like our mini-neighborhood tour one Sunday.

So I'm pretty sure that in February or early March we headed first to the Capitol Hill area. We visited Dick's for the first time - an iconic burger chain in this area. The burger was pretty good, but for a Seattle chain, I like BurgerMaster's better. (Of course the best burgers ever happen to be here in Federal Way at Burger Express.) We then decided to use our City Walks: Seattle cards to give us a mini-tour of Capitol Hill, specifically the Broadway area. We saw a beautiful Gothic-style Baptist church, apartments that used to be an old fire station (the arched doorways were built to accommodate horse-drawn fire wagons), and Cal Anderson Park. Cal Anderson Park is built on top of a reservoir to provide the community a green square with really beautiful fountains.

Our next stop was Columbia City. The Columbia City neighborhood is attempting to revitalize itself and its main street is really cute. They've got a tiny library that is in the Georgian Revival style and built in 1915. Our biggest reason to head here was to visit the Columbia City Bakery. Robb has long been wanting to visit this famous bakery. We were not disappointed. We tried a few pastries, coffee, and a savory egg concoction that was delicious.

Our final destination was to Georgetown. We understood this to be another neighborhood that was attempting to revitalize and was somewhat funky (if a little industrial.) We drove there and found nothing. I've been told that they've got a pretty good bar scene - but at 5 in the afternoon on a Sunday, there's not a whole lot going on.

Our camera had technical difficulties, so we only have a few shots that we took with our phones.

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Anonymous said...

Try "Lunchbox Laboratory" in Ballard for burgers. They are amazing.