Saturday, July 3, 2010

My First Comic-Con and Kerry Park

I'll admit it. I have a husband who likes comic books. When we started dating in high school I knew this, but it seemed like he wasn't really into comics anymore. I had assumed he was growing out of them. He's carted around with him, during our various moves, boxes of comics, but I thought it was a nostalgia thing. But in the past couple of years he has started to pull out those boxes and read them again. He's started visiting the local comic store and looking for books to fill out the series. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but I figure it's a pretty harmless hobby. Plus, in the grand scheme of things, he isn't a real comic book guy. He likes a few series, but is not crazy about it (at least not like a lot of Comic-Con attendees!)

Robb was interested in visiting this year's Comic-Con. He told me I didn't have to go, but he thought I might find it interesting. So, because I love him and like to hang out with him when he actually has a weekend off, I said I would go. The people in costumes were pretty interesting. We didn't watch any of the presentations because most of them wouldn't mean much to us. I spent a lot of time waiting as Robb looked for specific comics. The whole idea of Comic-Con actually ended up offending me. Basically you have to pay for the privilege to get into a giant room where you spend more money on the comics you want to buy. I ended up enjoying the hour long show by Unexpected Productions. This is the local improv group (we've gone to their shows a couple of times.) They did great skits based on all things comic-book geek. Quite a few of the jokes I didn't get because I didn't have the base knowledge, but overall I could appreciate the humor.

The part of our day I did like was my first visit to Kerry Park. Before we spent our afternoon in Comic-Con, we decided to start the day with a picnic in Kerry Park. Robb had told me about this park; he had accidentally driven past it before I moved to Seattle. But he hadn't been able to find it again. He knew it was somewhere in the Queen Anne neighborhood, among the mansions, but hadn't been able to locate it. With the GPS we got at Christmas though, it's become quite a bit easier to find places of interest in Seattle. Kerry Park is a tiny strip of land that has the most incredible view of downtown Seattle, the waterfront, and even Mt. Rainier on a clear day. The view took my breath away. We had a lovely picnic lunch and enjoyed looking out on our Emerald City.

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