Friday, October 19, 2007

Not to sound pathetic or anything...

The career hunt continues. But I thought you would be interested to read this snippet from an article in a local magazine. It reinforces what I said last week about Seattle being full of smarties.

"Hey Genius. Yeah you. Holding the magazine, your brow all bunched up in thought. Not that it's news to you, but you're living in the brainiest city on the planet. Seattle ranks as the most literate and educated place in America. We have the most bookstores, the highest number of advanced degrees. And we are changing the world. Again.....Let's face it, geeks run the planet and Seattle is the geekiest place there is." -article from Seattle Metropolitan, October 2007

And I've talked to a few fellow employees at my temp position, who are also very smart, have advanced degrees, etc., and found that they also took several months to find positions once they moved here. It makes me feel a little better to know that I'm not alone. I just don't want my friends, family, or past colleagues to be disappointed in me or feel that I'm just plain stupid or terrible interviewing! So instead, I'm choosing to be pathetic in a different way, and every time I find or hear something that shows it's not entirely my fault that I don't have a career yet, I must let you know! (Don't get me wrong, I'm not a complete ego-maniac. I'm sure that my interviewing skills could be better. I tend to start out nervous and uncomfortable, and finish strong. But I don't know if the strong finish outweighs the bad start.)

So that's all from the West Coast. I wish I could tell you that we did some cool Washington activity recently, but I'm so tired from working all the time that we never go out. To celebrate Robb's birthday on Wednesday we just went to the fancy grocery store and got a smorgasbord of food from the deli. We are an exciting bunch here. Let's hope I get a real job soon, not only so I don't feel so pathetic, but also so that we can afford to go out again and I can regal you in my blog stories and pictures.

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