Friday, October 26, 2007

Winter Weather

This morning there was major frost on my car that I had to scrape off before I could leave for work. In Florida everyone said I was ridiculous for holding onto my ice scraper, but I was extremely glad this morning it was still in my car! Not only did I not have to spend any money on it while I'm extremely broke, but I also didn't have to be without it on the first frost day (because I definitly didn't expect that to be today.) And I'm also happy to report that after two years of looking longingly at my winter coat, I've finally gotten to wear it again here in Washington. The morning temperatures are usually in the mid-30s and the afternoons are in the 50s, and sometimes the 60s. I'm also excited to have full use of my sweaters again. In Florida I only wore a few light ones, now I can wear the wool and heavy ones too. I'm a little bummed out because I really like the warmth of my winter coat, but it doesn't provide the rain protection I need. And my rain jacket is too light to wear by itself in the winter. I guess I'll be asking for some type of North Face winter jacket for Christmas.

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Anonymous said...


Pardon my language, but the "surprise" this morning really sucked! I, too, am a fellow ex-East Coaster, having moved here in early Sept. I'v been reading your blog since early July, when I got an offer from an area company. My wife and I are relocating from Richmond VA...but I am originally from Wilmington, NC.

This morning's weather was a rude surprise! In VA we don't see frost/ice until December. What made it worse was the fact that my wife, here visiting, had left the apt to go to a job interview. Unfortunately, we did not have an ice scraper. Thank God for credit cards!!!

Hang in there with the job search. It took me almost 2 yrs to find a company that would hire and relocate someone from the East coast. You are articulate and bright, and if I knew anyone in the NFP arena I'd definitely tell them about you!

Keep writing and go buy that winter jacket!

Take care...VA Tarheel