Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jobs All Around!

As soon as I get all my pictures uploaded, I will post about Thanksgiving weekend and the food/tourism that ensued when my parents were here. But I wanted to let everyone know that other cool things are happening now too!

I’m pleased to announce that Robb was offered a job! He will be an Assistant Bistro Manager at our favorite grocery store, Metropolitan Market. He originally applied for just a part-time customer service position to pay the bills, but they were impressed with his resume and asked him to consider the full time position. This upscale local grocery store chain (about 6 stores in the Seattle area) has everything from Kraft macaroni and cheese, to organic frozen entrĂ©es, to $250 bottles of balsamic vinegar. It’s about 1.5 miles away from our house and while we can’t afford to do all of our shopping there, it’s truly a pleasure to go inside. Metropolitan Market has an extensive bistro/deli with an olive bar, gourmet cheeses, soups, pasta, and items such as fried chicken, or butternut squash lasagna. While it’s not his ideal job in the marketing/writing world, we’re very happy that if he has to work in the customer service industry for now, at least it’s in such a nice looking place. They obviously care about their store and employees and he had to go through two interviews before it was offered to him. He starts training next week.

Other exciting news is I just interviewed for a Program Coordinator position for a nonprofit. I actually interviewed with this nonprofit a couple of months ago, but they then decided to restructure and decided not to hire anyone until new managers were in place. So they contacted me this week and let me know that the new people were interested in interviewing me and considering me for the position. So I had a FANTASTIC interview with them this afternoon. Perhaps the best interview I've ever had. Yes, I know I have already accepted a job at the State which will start in mid-December. However, the State hasn't sent me a written job proposal and hasn't started on my background check yet. Plus, this job at the nonprofit would pay me more and is only about a mile away from my apartment.

I should know by this time next week if I'm offered the nonprofit job. But even if I'm not offered it, it doesn't really matter because I have another job lined up! We’re definitely thankful this holiday season that after months of looking for work, we will both be employed in December.

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Congratulations on all the job offers! I've been reading your blog for a little bit now. Just moved to Seattle. Hope you don't mind but I've mentioned you in my blog: I'm also at