Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Question: Why do I have a purple toe?
A) Is it frostbite because as much as I love the cold, after living in Florida, I forgot what it MEANT to be cold and I don't have as many socks as necessary.
B) Did I finally lose my mind after realizing that I spent a lot of money on a master's degree only to be working in a Panera and decided that coloring my toe with purple markers would be a creative outlet, sparking some type of intellectual debate?
C) I thought it would be smart to leave my hand weights out in the middle of the living room floor, and then forget that they were there and ramming my toes into them to add some excitement to my day.
We're pretty sure it's not broken, as I can bend it and mostly walk. However, it's very painful, swollen, and ugly. It looks much worse in person than in the picture! I think Robb might be secretly glad I tripped over my weights, because in the future I'm now going to be prone to putting them away when I'm finished with them and he won't have to pick up after me.

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