Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seattle Cheese Festival

Two weekends ago Robb and I decided to head to Pike Place Market Saturday afternoon to partake in the Seattle Cheese Festival. It started out awesome because we found an awesome parking garage right next to Pike Place Market that is only $6 on the weekend (see the picture on the left to see how close we were)! What a find! Robb and I have become quite the cheese connoisseurs, so we were excited about trying samples upon samples of free cheese (almost free, we donated the suggested dollar per person. Oh, and then I bought a Cheese Festival shirt.) The streets were packed. Everyone was out to enjoy cheese and sunshine. The weather was unseasonably hot (not only unseasonable for May, but unseasonable for the Northwest in general); I'm talking 90 degrees here! I have to admit that I did complain a bit. I don't really like crowds and I don't like the hot weather. (Yes, I know I lived in Florida, but there is a reason that I decided to leave.) But we came up with a system where I would stand back and Robb would squeeze in between the crowds to grab two cheese samples to bring them back to me so we could try them again. Yummy cheese. We ended up buying a couple of different cheeses for bargain prices.

We didn't want to go home after the Cheese Festival and it was getting cooler as the afternoon/evening wore on. So we decided to head to a restaurant we've been wanting to try in Phinney Ridge. El Chupacabra outdoor seating, burritos, and strawberry margaritas: the makings of a perfect evening. We were impressed with the restaurant. It had an eclectic mix of patrons and pretty darn good burritos with decent heat to them. It's a keeper.

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