Tuesday, May 27, 2008

South Lake Union Boat Tour

I'm really behind in my postings and I've had a lot go on in the last few weeks! So I need to start catching up. A few weeks ago I met up with Megan G. to hang out in Seattle. I know Megan G. (one of the many Megan's I know in my life) from my political organization. I suggested a completely corny-sounding boat tour of Lake Union and luckily she was up for it. The 45 minute tour was a little corny, but we saw a good view of Gas Works Park (mentioned in my previous post), Dale Chihuly's studio (famous glass artist), a good view of downtown Seattle, tons of cute houseboats, and the houseboat featured in that Tom Hank's thriller: Sleepless in Seattle (the BIG houseboat with the green and purple trim pictured below). It was fun to hang out with a new friend and see a little different view of Seattle. And the $7 corny boat tour made for a slightly more exciting day than just sitting around in a Starbucks.

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