Saturday, March 21, 2009

Briana's Wedding

My sister Briana got married to Adam on March 14th. She was gorgeous and the wedding was a blast. And, as any good wedding should, there are great stories that will be told about the weekend.

It started with the rehearsal. The rehearsal couldn't be at the actual wedding site because of another wedding. So we just rehearsed in a local park. Apparently a park with pigs. Giant pigs. Pigs that were so big they came up to my waist. There were three pigs running around the rehearsal. Their owner looked like ZZ Top. Quite interesting.
The day of the wedding all the girls got Starbucks, pedicures, lunch, and then primped. Briana was beyond beautiful. Her dress was very heavy with pearls, lace, rhinestones, the works. She tends to be a simpler girl, so the dress was an unconventional choice, but it was obviously perfect. The traffic on wedding day was quite atrocious and the ceremony was delayed a bit to make sure everyone arrived. The traffic was caused by several things. First, the wedding was near the beach during spring break. Second, there was a concert near the beach that night. Third, it was Ron L. Hubbard's birthday. Hubbard is the founder of Scientology and Clearwater, FL is a major Scientology hub. Several streets were shut down for the celebration. Briana is an on-time fanatic, but she did very well in the limo during the traffic jams. (Pics in the limo: Bri and Dad) The ceremony was perfect. It wasn't too hot and the traditional ceremony was very moving.Pigs weren't the end of the wildlife weekend. The wedding was held by the water. Just after the ceremony, during picture time, several dolphins were surfacing. Unfortunately, they didn't jump on command into a heart shape, but their presence was appreciated nonetheless. (Pics: dolphins, Dad, Bri and the girls)Hardly anyone noticed that the cake did not show up. Yup. No wedding cake. My sister took the missing cake incredibly well. She didn't care so much about the cake and the pomp and circumstance that comes with a cake, but she was excited about the cake being vegan. She was excited about sharing a vegan cake with family and friends so they could see her lifestyle wasn't all tofu! It was later discovered that the baker had written the wrong date on the contract. He felt really terrible about the whole thing and did refund all of the money, even the deposit. Other then the cake, the wedding was really fun, lots of dancing and alcohol. My dad dedicated Tupelo Honey to me and as we danced I cried almost as much as on my wedding day three years ago. My Granny caught the flowers and her great-grandson caught the garter. (Pics: Bri and Mom, Dad and me, Granny and Tyler, the cha-cha slide) It was just so overwhelming to see Bri's and Adam's obvious love for each other. I was honored to be the maid of honor and Robb took amazing pics to supplement the professional photography.

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Judy AKA "Spookannie" said...

Hi, Katherine. I'm thrilled to find your blog (love the name and the look) and read about your life. Congrats to you (3 years late) and to little sister on your weddings to what look to be wonderful men. Hugs, your old Spanish teacher.