Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update on Robb

Robb's next surgery will be on Thursday, March 5th. At that point they will take out the rest of the thyroid and some surrounding lymph nodes. The half a thyroid that was left in there last surgery is working overtime to make up for its missing part. The recovery from this surgery is expected to be a little more difficult because now the entire thyroid will be gone. And he probably will not go on thyroid medication for several weeks until his radiation treatment is completed. So he will be more tired and emotional from this surgery. However, we're still scheduled to leave for Florida on March 10th for my sister's wedding. The surgeon, while not recommending it, has said that it is okay for him to travel if everything goes well. I think getting out of town will be good for us. And while it won't be the best vacation, hopefully Robb will be able to relax in some warmth and we'll get some love and support from my family.

I'll update the blog soon with more posts and pictures about some recent day trips to Olympia and Seattle. But, as you can see, we're a little preoccupied right now with other things!

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