Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mima Mounds

On the Sunday after seeing Lucy, we headed back to Olympia. Back in November I won a chili cook-off at work (yay me!) and got a gift certificate for a restaurant there. We decided to try the breakfast buffet. It was pretty good. The $3.00 unlimited mimosas were awesome. We walked downtown for a little bit and saw the original capital building, as well as the official end of the Oregon trail. After we walked off our breakfast, we headed to the Mima Mounds.
The Mima Mounds are a few miles outside of Olympia and no one is quite sure what they are. According to Wikipedia they are uniformly distributed mounds of soil, 1-3 meters high. There are a variety of theories as to why they exist. Settlers first thought they were Indian burial grounds, but excavations show that there are no remains. Other competing theories include: gopher mounds, sea rivers, earthquakes, and glacier paths. They're in prairie land and I imagine in the summer they're quite beautiful. We went in the middle of winter during a downpour. We walked along the paths in between the mounds for awhile, but the rain and non-plant/non-animal life made our visit short. Really fascinating.

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