Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fremont Fest 2009

My grandfather and his wife, Kim, were in town to visit in mid-June. Robb entertained them the first couple of days of their visit, while I went to work. Robb took the family to Pike Place Market and Olympia. And on Saturday, we took them to the Fremont Summer Solstice Fair. Last year Robb and I went to the Fair on a Sunday and had a fantastic time; but we were bummed because we missed the Saturday parade, preceded by the naked-painted bicyclist exhibition. So, this year, we were bound and determined to make it to the parade -- even with grandparents in tow. The bicyclist parade was everything I imagined and hoped it to be. Hundreds of people had painted their bodies and rode down the streets displaying themselves for the very excited crowds. The paint jobs were extremely creative. Only in Seattle!
After the bicycles made it on their merry way, the actual parade finally made it down the street. It was a really colorful parade, complete with music, hand-powered floats, drag queens, and not a written word or advertisement in sight.

The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around the festival to see the booths and sights. (Check out this car dirt art!) We bought some crafts, ate fair food, and got sunburned. I would highly recommend anyone planning on visiting Seattle to coincide their trip with the summer solstice, so as not to miss out on TRUE Seattle culture.

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