Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Riding the Ducks

On the 4th of July I met a friend and her family in Seattle to "Ride the Ducks." This Seattle tourist attraction takes you on a tour of the city in amphibious vehicles, you know those military trucks that go from the road, to the water, to the road again. While I expected a seriously corny ride, the level of cheese that our particular tour guide entailed was astronomical. If he would have toned it down a little, my ride would have been a lot more enjoyable. At any rate, I did learn a few items I hadn't heard before, so it was a successful trip. Did you know the Space Needle used to be orange? Seattle was the first American city that used cops on bike patrol. And the Elephant car wash was the first automatic car wash in America. Elvis had his car washed here and President Kennedy's limo was washed here as well, requiring a special Presidential clearance.

If you look closely on the right hand side of the picture, you can see Mt. Rainier in the background. It's directly to the left of the skyscraper.

On the 4th of July the Seattle fireworks are lit from Lake Union. The big viewing area for the city fireworks are at Gas Works Park; we got a unique view from the water. You can see the hill on the left has a blow-up head of the Statue of Liberty and hundreds of people already staking out space for the show later that night.

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