Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marination and Museum of Flight

The day after Robb's birthday we finally made it to Marination, a food truck in Seattle that has won numerous national awards. We got there right after they opened, but realized they take cash only. So we took about 15 minutes to walk around to find a cash machine. By the time we returned, the line was probably a 20 minute wait! We basically shared one of everything: a pork slider, a Spam slider, a pork taco, a chicken taco, and a beef taco. All of the food had a Pacific Island feel to it (an Asian-inspired slaw) and was absolutely delicious. So, so, so yummy!

Our afternoon was spent at the Museum of Flight. It's a pretty famous museum around here, especially considering the importance of Boeing to this area. While I had heard it was a good museum, I wasn't expecting to be blown away. (I mean, I'm not normally the type of girl that cares about the history of transportation.) This museum was incredible though and we were so sad that we only had 4 hours to explore everything before they closed and kicked us out. We probably could have spent two days there. We learned about the history of flight, about different types of airplanes, about records set, and even rockets. There were a few simulator games and a few planes that you could sit in. While I had a good time, Robb was even more excited. He had read about a lot of the historical planes and was so excited to see them. The Museum of Flight is right next to one of the Boeing airfields, so we were also lucky enough to see a Air Force plane land that has a weird disc on top that takes some type of scientific measurements. All in all, a great museum, even if you think you don't care about planes!

For some reason I loved this plane - it was my favorite!

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