Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tiger Mountain for Robb's Birthday

Robb's 31st birthday in October was low-key and even a bit disappointing. I waited too late to buy tickets for a concert my dear husband really wanted to go to, so they were sold out on the day I planned to buy them. We had planned on going out for a fancy dinner in Seattle, but couldn't get reservations in time. We ended up eating left-overs for dinner. The poor planning on my part started our weekend out on the wrong foot. But we did enjoy our hike at Tiger Mountain and got some great shots of the two of us, thanks to the GorillaPod that Robb got this birthday (it's a small tripod for the camera that can wrap around tree limbs, etc.) 
Birthday Morning, complete with coffee from Starbucks!
We decided to hike up to Poo-Poo Point on Tiger Mountain. Tiger Mountain is a popular mountain for hikers year-round because it's close by and not high enough to be affected by snow. Poo-Poo point is the summit of the small mountain and it's actually an established launching point for paragliders and hang-gliders. The day we went hiking was beautiful, so we were able to see a few people take a leap of the mountain!

Our last stop of the day was the Issaquah Brewery. Rogue (Robb's favorite beer) owns the bar and we were able to get some of my favorite pumpkin ale. Robb tried a new drink - a Snicker's Bar, which consists of half chocolate stout and half hazelnut brown ale. He's a fan!

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