Friday, July 13, 2007

Finding a Place to Live

There's nothing very exciting to report in my life. I spend the days packing boxes and watching daytime television (Family Feud, Cosby Show repeats, etc.) I also spend a lot of time online looking for jobs and apartments. The job search is slow. The apartment search is faster. When I find a good apartment/house listing I send it to Robb and he makes an appointment to see it. He's able to fit in 3-6 showings a day. While there have been a couple of good leads, we still don't have a place to live. We started out with higher expectations (washer and dryer in unit, an apartment that isn't on the 1st floor, etc.), the only requirements now include cats being allowed and availability by August 1st.

I think the apartment searching process is stressing Robb out. He thought it would be a little easier to find an appropriate place. And it doesn't help that he's doing it all by himself in an unfamiliar area. He has a lot of showings in the next couple of days. We hope that we have enough options that we can make a decision by Monday. If we have a place to live then we can focus on the other stress factor in our lives, finding a job.

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