Saturday, July 7, 2007

Robb Discovers Seattle

After many long days of driving, averaging about 8-10 hours a day, Robb made it to Seattle yesterday. He is sharing a house, until the end of July, with a woman we got in touch with through CraigsList. He will spend the next couple of weeks looking for a job and trying to secure us a place to live starting in August. Today he explored the city a little bit; he drank coffee, walked through Pike's Market, and strolled along the waterfront. He says it's cold at night. While the heatwave in the West does reach to Washington, it doesn't reach as far as Seattle. He says that I'll love it there. It's comforting to know that in his first 24 hours, Robb doesn't hate the place. I'm a little jealous that he gets to explore a new city without me, but I also know it will be nice to get there and have someone already familiar with everything.

As for me, I packed the entire bathroom yesterday (that's two whole boxes)! A small victory, but the 'baby steps' makes me feel like I can do this. I think my plan of attack this upcoming week will be to pack up the office and most of the bedroom. I think I should look at a calendar and make a packing/cleaning schedule. It'd be nice to finish packing a couple of days before the moving truck gets here so I don't have to go into panic mode.


Randy H. said...

Very good to read the thumbnail sketch of Robb's first day in Seattle; he doesn't have that on his blog as of this writing. Also, your idea of writing out a packing schedule for yourself and being ahead of the movers' schedule is excellent; you'll be glad you had such forethought once you're on the road with the cats.

Angela said...

I agree with your packing schedule idea. You don't want to be up unitl 3 am packing the night before the movers come like we did. I was up and at the box store at 7am to buy more boxes before they arrived at 8am. Trust me..all of the last minute rushing was not fun at all.