Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ramblings: Twine, Golf, CDs

Robb's trip is going well. He toured the Jack Daniels distillery in Tennessee and spent an extra day in Topeka to spend time with his Mom and his Godfather. He took the back roads out of Kansas so that he could see the World's Largest Ball of Twine and also the geographic center of the 48 States. He spent last night in Cheyenne, Wyoming and tells me that the state has breath-taking scenery. Today the plan is for him to make it to Boise, Idaho and tomorrow he will arrive in Seattle. It worries me when I don't hear from him throughout the day. I know that he is driving in some pretty rural places and cell phone reception isn't the most reliable, so I shouldn't panic, but I always sigh with relief when my phone finally rings and I see his name pop up.

I spent the 4th of July holiday with my parents. My Dad's side of the family came over for a rain-soaked barbecue. Today, while Mom was at work, Dad and I spent the day together. He took me to the driving range and taught me how to hit a golf ball. Although they don't go very far, I hit straight! We also went to the library to scout out the books on CD available for our cross-country trip in a few short weeks. We were sorely disappointed in the selection. Hopefully when we're finally ready to check out the CDs, the Michael Crighton ones will still be available. Tomorrow I head home to start the heavy-duty packing.

It's hard to believe that I'm slated to arrive in Seattle in exactly one month. This week I just kind of realized, "Wow, I'm going to live in Seattle." It seems like I'm preparing for an extended vacation rather than a permanent move. It might seem more real if at least one of us had a job lined up. If we had been there before. If we knew what to expect. But we're going blind. I can't wait until Robb gets there, looks around, calls me and tells me that we're making the right decision.

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Randy H. said...

Katherine, as I told Robb, it must be the right decision for both of you to move to Seattle, because every goal Robb has ever set for himself has been attained; every major decision he has ever made has been a good one: marrying you, for example. So whatever awaits you in Seattle, you two will make it work -- I'm sure of that.