Sunday, July 1, 2007

Robb's Departure

Robb and I have been in many different situations where we have spent weeks or months apart. In high school we even spent years apart when my family moved to Germany. And in college we each went abroad at separate times for a few weeks. And because my Dad was in the Army and often gone, I know that long absences aren't something to really lose sleep over. Being away from each other, while hard, isn't the end of the world for Robb and me. But it's always hard to say good-bye.

Robb loaded up his car and started his week-long trek to Seattle this morning. Today he plans on driving by the world's largest peanut in Georgia and then stopping tonight near Lynchburg, TN. Of course, he has to stop by the Jack Daniels' distillery tomorrow. He plans on arriving in Topeka, KS Monday night and stay there all day Tuesday to spend time with family. After Topeka his route may change depending on if he visits his godmother in Wyoming, but he will end up in Seattle on July 6 or 7. He's been in contact with a girl in Seattle who might let him sublet a room for the rest of the month. If that works, he'll spend the rest of July checking out apartments and applying for jobs. If the sublet falls through, he'll probably stay in a cheap hotel for a few days and try to rent us an apartment starting mid-month.

As for me, my last day of work was on Friday. So I have an entire month to pack up the apartment and take care of last minute details, like taking the cats to the vet and deep cleaning the kitchen. I'll go to see my parents and family a couple of times this month. My other to-do on my list this month is to spend plenty of time by the pool to get sun. Once I live in Seattle, I'm sure I'll get back to my regular pale self!

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