Monday, July 23, 2007

It Smells Like Cardboard Here

My apartment is now packed into probably 100 boxes. Tomorrow I have to pack about two more boxes of loose odds and ends. That means that my packing will be complete Tuesday and the movers will be here Wednesday. No frantic late-night packing for me! My Mom and Grandma came to Orlando this past weekend and were an incredible help. In the picture, Mom is on the left, Grandma on the right; it was the exhausting second day of packing. My Mom packed the entire kitchen by herself. She's pretty amazing. I guess after years of watching the Army movers pack up our household goods, she has a pretty good idea of what she's doing. But I guess we'll determine her true packing abilities once we unpack and see what is (or hopefully, is not) broken! Of course, the hard work doesn't end when the packing is complete; after the movers leave Wednesday I will start the heavy-duty cleaning. That will take awhile! The most time-consuming aspect will be wiping off all the surfaces that don't often get dusted (top of the fridge, cabinets, blinds, etc.). We don't really dust as much as we should and we have cats who shed so much that we could make several children cat-hair coats if necessary. I'm sure that the deep cleaning will convince me to do more monthly cleaning maintenance once I move into my new place. Only a few days left!

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