Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Job Hunting Woes

For those that are interested, I have been applying for jobs. I think I'm averaging about 10 job applications a week. Granted, since moving here I've only been doing this hardcore for a week and a half. (I applied for several jobs before I moved here, but had little luck. Whether or not it's the reason, I choose to blame the Florida address.) But I've been applying mostly for jobs with local nonprofits and the state of Washington. Most of the jobs for the state of Washington are based in/around Olympia, which is an hour commute, but these jobs just sound too good to pass up. I continue to look at the cities and counties around here for local government positions, but haven't found much that I can apply for (or would want to apply for). Need a program director, development assistant, or management analyst...I'm your girl.

On a related note, if you're ever in a position to hire people, for the good of humanity and just to be a professional person, please acknowledge when you receive a resume. I know that these organizations are probably receiving dozens or hundreds of applications, but it would be nice to know if my email was received and not sent into the Internet void or junk mail box. At the end of every day you could send a mass email to those people who you've received resumes from to let them know that theirs got in. Just be courteous and think about all those people who took the time to write great cover letters and resumes.

Starting next week I plan to look into temp agencies. I'm getting antsy sitting at home (or spending money touring the Puget Sound area) and not working/making at least some money. So while I continue on the career hunt, it'd be nice to have a temporary job.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Katherine,
Great blog! It's K from RCG. I hear ya, it takes time. I did some contract work to bide my time. Check out

Contact and submit your resume to Kirsten@

Tell her Karen sent you; she'll hook you up with a temp gig. They can even typically set you up w/work in your area. Congrats on the big move! Best wishes!