Monday, August 13, 2007

Touring Seattle

Robb decides to take Dad and me to Seattle for the day. It is 20-some miles away to the city limits and the traffic is not peachy-keen here. We make it to the city (during the drive I’m talking on the phone with our moving company rep) and stop in the Fremont neighborhood to walk around a bit. Robb spent quite a bit of time there because it was fairly close to the house he subletted. It’s a cool little neighborhood with lots of restaurants and music shops. Just Robb and I will be going back soon to spend more time in the unique shops and visit the farmer’s market.

We then headed over to Pike Place Market, a huge farmers/artisan market and a top tourist destination in Seattle. We got a great little pastry filled with potatoes and cheese (similar to a perogi) and then went for coffee. (Well Robb and Dad drank coffee at Seattle’s Best Coffee, see the pic, – I drink chai tea.) It is in Pike Place where the original Starbucks is and the original Seattle’s Best Coffee. We walked around the market for a short bit, but it’s very crowded and my Dad and I don’t really dig crowds. So we headed back to the car, stopped at local coffee house for Robb’s favorite local coffee, and then headed to REI. REI is a camping/outdoors chain that my parents loved to spend time in while in Texas. And they were founded in Seattle and my Dad’s major goal while here was to visit their flagship store! While my Dad didn’t find the hiking boots he wanted, he did get my Mom and me Seattle REI t-shirts.

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